Walt Disney

The man. His story. His work. His innovations.

The Man

Beyond his countless achievements, there was Walt: the loving son, brother, husband, and simply “Daddy” to his girls. Above all, family came first. With strong family ties and a harmonious home life, he dared to dream, create, and explore throughout his career.

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The most important thing
is the family.

His Stories

Down on his luck with only $40 in his pocket, Walt set off from Missouri for Hollywood. With success came setbacks. Walt lost the rights to his first animated star, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Determined not to give up, he started sketching an idea that would later become the beloved Mickey Mouse.

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I think it’s important to have a good
hard failure when you’re young.

His Work

From animated shorts to live-action features and all things in between, the breadth of Walt’s cinematic achievements will likely never be surpassed. A man of many titles—innovator, storyteller, entertainer—Walt was one of the most prolific filmmakers in history.

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My business is making people,
especially children, happy.

His Innovations

Believing nothing was impossible, Walt pioneered many groundbreaking technological advances in sound, color, and storytelling. With the invention of the Multiplane Camera, he hooked audiences with an illusion of realistic depth in animated movies, beginning with the 1937 Silly Symphony, The Old Mill.

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When you’re curious you find
lots of interesting things to do.